Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What a waste!

Well, we tried a doc in the deuce today, but it was a total waste of time! The office was horrible, the people were rude and there were so many sick people there (and no well room) that I was afraid to touch anything!!!! SO, we left! The woman at the counter was incredibly rude and I told her so. I took my credit card and DL back, told her what I thought of her and the establishment and walked out. I think had Brett not been there I would have killed her! But he keeps me sane, well, as close to sane as I can get!
Tomorrow is the procedure to put Maryam's button in. I'm a little nervous about learning yet another way to tube feed her. This will be the third time we've had to re-learn everything! I found a website dedicated to the cause, I think I'm going to start spending more time on there getting other moms' advice. Believe it or not, its called, funny, huh?
We'll be spending the night at Sarah and Scott's house tomorrow night since we have another apt. in SD on Friday morning. At that apt. there will be another ween test, so wish us luck!! I'd love for her to not need oxygen anymore! That would be AWESOME!!! But, if she still needs it, so be it. She'll grow out of it eventually!

PS Everyone say a prayer for Chad Auerbach, he was in a really bad car accident on Sunday. He is the father of twin boys that were in the NICU with Maryam.

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