Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hearing test

Well, we took another trip to San Diego today. This time for a hearing test for Maryam. She had to see two Audiologists to determine if her hearing is within normal bounds. Maryam responded to her name and voices, but pretty much ignored most of the beeps, buzzers and tones. There are two theories as to why she didn't respond to the majority of them. One is that she spent the majority of her life trying to ignore alarms in the NICU. And two, her hearing is still too immature to pick up on them. Either one is fine with me! But they couldn't tell if her hearing was within normal bounds, so we have to go back in 3 more months for another set of tests.
When we got home from the LOOOOOOOOOOONG trip, we took Maryam swimming! She had a GREAT time! She's almost outgrown her bathing suit, which is funny, because the last time we were here her suit was WAY too big. I love watching her grow.
Tomorrow we have our first apt. with her new pediatrician, wish us luck!!! I'll be updating again tomorrow to let you know how it went. Hopefully we like him as much as we love Dr. Ratnezar. She's RAD!!!
As for Maryam's eating, we went to visit her old NICU while we were at the hospital today and her neonatologists agree that she will definitely start eating by mouth one day. One of her docs has money on it that she'll be eating before kindergarten!! Hooray! That makes me feel much better. She told me more of what I already know, that its VERY frustrating and is VERY emotional, but that eventually, one day she'll just get it. It can take a really long time, but eventually, she'll just start eating. I cannot wait!!!!!!!! It seems like she wants to eat, but just doesn't know how. Its so frustrating for both of us. But, it doesn't stop me from trying every 4 hours!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I love Maryam in her shades!!! your pictures are adorable. Your Mom looks great. Tell her hi for me. Sounded like you had a busy day. Maryam is in our prayers as always. It just takes time I'm sure everything well be just fine. You keep up the good work you are doing. Take care Love Anna

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what Anna said.I love the pool picture. After your long day you needed a swim. I wish you luck on your new doctor. All the hard work will pay off. Hang in there! Love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Anna & Marietta! The bathing beauty is just too cute in her shades! Good luck at the doc!