Saturday, September 29, 2007

More photos of Maryam looking adorable!

I just LOVE this dress! This is the disposition Maryam woke up with this morning. She was ALL smiles ALL morning! Its a bit shocking, since the past few nights have been horrible for her. I'm glad that even when she has a bad night, she still wakes up happy.

I don't know if these are East Coast gang signs or West Coast gang signs, but I think Dr. Dre would be pleased! All that gangsta rap is paying off! Check out her kicks, aren't they cute? Those are from Auntie Brande, they're still too big, but super cute!!! She had to wear shoes though, we went out to dinner! A girl, especially my girl, can't go out to dinner without proper foot gear!

Here's another picture of Maryam and me. She didn't want to look at the camera because she was too busy watching the Ghost Whisperer.
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