Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maryam and Great Grams and Charlie Mae

Of course, Maryam will play with a bottle, but not DRINK from the bottle. What the heck? This picture was taken on Friday by my mother. Brett and I are were coming into Vegas when I got this picture text on my phone......funny how she at least pretends to want the bottle for her Yaya, but won't even entertain it for Mommy!!

Here is Great Grams Mary and Maryam. Maryam's sleeper says, Mommy's little pumpkin. Too cute!! Auntie Sarah bought it for her. I call her punkin, so its totally appropriate!
Here is Charlie and Maryam together. They're so cute!!! Charlie Mae has a well baby check-up today. So, we'll see if she outweighs her cousin yet!!! I would not be shocked to hear it!!! She's so cute!!!! And eats ALL the time. I sure wish Maryam would learn that from her cousin!!! No such luck.
Here is Great Grams with her two Great Grand daughters!!! Don't they look so happy? Grams left today to go back to Merced, it sure was nice having her and Auntie Kathy here. We'll miss them!

And CONGRATULATIONS Magsigs!!! Julie is having her 3rd little one!!! Everyone pray for a healthy pregnancy, an uneventful delivery and a full term baby!!! And let's throw GIRL in there too! Mason and Michael could use a little sister to beat up on!
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Anonymous said...

Those pics with your grandma are just too cute! I bet they had a great time visiting. How was Vegas? I am happy you guys got to get away. You deserved it! Tell Sarah & everyone else hi for us! Thanks for the congrats!