Monday, August 13, 2007

She just won't take her bottle!!!!

Maryam did not have a good day today! During her 4am feeding, she thought it would be fun to pull on her feeding tube hard enough to yank the pump tube out consequently spilling milk all over herself, her sheet and her blanket! So, we were up changing her clothes and bedding at 4:30 and she didn't go back to sleep until after 6....lucky me!!!

What a pretty face!!! We had to change her nasal cannula today, so we decided to take a few pictures of her without any tape or tubes on her face. Isn't she adorable? I think so!

This picture is another one for "fun with daddy!" He has this crazy need to put things on Maryam's head and I have NO idea why. It must be a guy thing! This particular time its a burp cloth, but we have pictures of her with mittens, socks, bottles, pacifiers, toys, diaper covers and blankets on her head too. She doesn't seem to mind it, so he's going to keep doing it.
Out of all of her feedings today, she only took her bottle once. And that was at her 8pm feeding and she only took an ounce and a half. I had to turn her oxygen up today too because she appeared to be out of breath for a while. I haven't turned it back down yet, but I think I'll try in the morning. Also, the granulation tissue around her hole where her tube comes out started bleeding today. That might be what was bothering her today, so I'm going to call her home health nurse in the morning to see if she can drop by to check it out. If she can't, I'll call Maryam's pediatrician and ask if we can go see her.
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Christi said...

That middle picture is fabulous! I must digitally scrapbook it...

Anonymous said...

I love her pictures! Sorry to hear about her feeding or lack of it. I hope that works it way out. I don't blame her for pulling out her tubes, she's getting smarter. I really want to thank you for keeping us up to date. Hope the moving is going well. Give our Angel a kiss from me. Love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

Boy it sounded like you had a busy EARLY morning but it's funny how you forget those things when you look at their darling little faces. Maryam takes the best pictures,never a bad one. She is so cute. I'm sure everything will work out with her feeding.It just takes time. Always in our prayers. Take care. Love Anna