Sunday, August 12, 2007

OK...disregard my hair, I was having a bad hair day yesterday, but SHE LOOKS FABU!

Well, Maryam is trying to eat from her bottle, but hasn't been very successful the past few days. She puts forth a valiant effort, but then gives up from fatigue. She simply doesn't have the stamina to finish an entire bottle. In this picture you can see all the milk she drank went out of her tummy and into her syringe. That's not helping her tummy get any bigger! But to get all the air bubbles out of her tummy, we sit her up like this and the air all rises to the top, and with it, comes the milk! But once we lay her back down gravity does its thing and the milk goes back down into her tummy. That's one of the bad parts of her not being able to burp!

In this picture we were playing on the floor and then she decided she wanted to be held, probably so she could see the TV easier. When I'm not feeding her, playing with her or changing her diaper I'm busy packing. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to pack up, so I only get 1 or 2 boxes packed a day! At this pace, its going to take FOREVER to get out of our home!!!

And on another note, our cousin Marcy is 27 weeks pregnant and went into preterm labor. Please say your prayers for her and her future son. We don't need another baby born premature. I know he wants to come out and play with Aidan, but he needs 9 or 10 more good weeks in her womb if he wants to come out and play right away! We're praying for you Staggs family!!! Aidan needs a HEALTHY baby brother to play with!!! Keep us posted!
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Anonymous said...

I swear your daughter is your mirror image. What a cutie. She looks so good. Time will heal all. Don't wear yourself out too much! Love, Marietta

Anonymous said...

WOW! do you sound busy. Yes the baby looks grrrrrrrreat! Keep up the good work. Take care. Love Anna