Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy 8 Months Maryam!!!!

I love this photo! We were in the waiting room and she was watching Sesame Street! I just thought she looked adorable!

This is Maryam waiting for her Upper GI.

What a way to celebrate a birthday!!! Maryam started the morning with an Upper GI and then had a follow up with her surgeon! The radiologist Dr. Ratkey said that he stomach is emptying normally and that everything looks great! She told me a trick that might help us. She said when she seems extra crampy to put her on her right side so that her stomach will empty into her small intestines and the air will go up towards the hole where the tube is! I tried it and it WORKED!!!!!! HOORAY! She did so good during her GI, she didn't cry at all! She was just laying there while they did the x-rays and then when it was time to drink the barium, she drank what she could. Poor thing had to be starving, we weren't allowed to feed her after midnight!
Well, she had a VERY good day considering all that she went through. We even stopped by my old work and said hello to the gang! Being that its Miracle Treat Day, too bad she's not old enough for a Blizzard yet!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I was so happy Maryam had another good visit at the doctors. You have quite alittle charmer.
So happy to hear that turning her on her right side helped the cramping. That bit of information was huge. All the pictures were darling. Happy 8th month to you, Happy 8th month to you, Happy 8th month to Maryam, Happy 8th month to you. (Sing that to Maryam to the tune of Happy Birthday. I hope someday soon we can get all the cousin together. That would be so much fun. Well take care it's sound like you are doing a terrific job. Bye. Love Anna