Monday, July 16, 2007

Maryam gets an Upper GI

Today Maryam went to have an Upper GI. She's wearing her very first hospital gown! First they took an X-Ray of her tummy, she didn't mind that very much, she had a "been there done that!" look on her face. Then she had to lay on her tummy and drink Barium from a bottle. She didn't like it! Its hard enough to get her to drink formula and they thought they could make her drink Barium....yeah, right! Well, when she wouldn't do that properly, they just put the Barium in her feeding tube. Then they kept turning her little body around so that they could get all the angles of the Barium working through her tummy into her small intestines.
After the Upper GI, we went up to see her friends in the NICU and get a lab slip for the blood work she needed to have done. We had to wait for nearly an hour, thankfully she slept in my arms while we waited. She didn't cry much after the blood was drawn, maybe she's used to that too! All in all, she had a good day. Tomorrow we should hear from the hospital admitting department to find out what time we check in. I'll update when I know! Keep her in your prayers!
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jan said...

Maryam is truly our little miracle and she will continue to amaze us. Love all of you!

Joe said...

Good luck Maryam. You guys are in our prayers.

Sarah said...

You are all in my heart and prayers. I wish I could be there with you on. I will be thinking of you.
God Bless,