Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maryam before surgery

Maryam right before going to surgery! She had her IV in, already had her steroid and antibiotics and was just waiting for her surgery team to call and tell us it was time to take her down to the surgical floor. She did so good. She cried when they put her IV in, but other than that, she acted like it was any other day!Maryam with Mommy & Daddy! This is before she got her IV...she's still wearing her baby nursing scrubs. We've dubbed this outfit her "hospital" outfit. She wore it when she came home for the first time, so we thought it was appropriate for her to wear it back too!

Maryam before leaving for the hospital. As you can see, she woke up just as happy as can be!

We got to the hospital at 9:45. The hooked her up to her IV, started a steroid treatment, and antibiotics. She didn't like having the IV put in. First they tried to put it in her hand, but it didn't work. The nurse said there was too much scar tissue there. So, ultimately, it went into her foot. At about 11:15 her anasthesiologist came in to talk to us about what she'll be going through. She had this same anesthesiologist for her laser eye surgery too! He recognized her, too cute. At 11:45 her surgeon came in to see if we had any last minute questions and let us know that they're running a little late. At 1pm the surgical team called up to the NICU and told us to bring her down. She should be out by 3pm. I'll let you know how it went.
Keep her in your prayers.

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Karen Holland said...

We are so happy the surgery went great! Our prayers were answered. We loved the picture of Maryam with the sunglasses and the one smiling before you went to the hospital. She looked real good in the hospital ones too. Brian called from Hawaii tonight to see how the surgery went. They send their best and so does Eric. We'll talk to you soon!
Love from us all, Grandma, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tom and Aunt Karen