Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy, happy baby!

Isn't she just such a happy baby? This photo was taken when I got to the hospital this morning! She was ALL smiles and so happy to see me. The nurses have been having some fun of their own. They come in and check on her and play with her on their breaks. She's doing wonderfully! She's still off of the oxygen and on room air. An oxygen saturation trace started at 8pm tonight. There is a pulse oximeter on her foot that is attached to a small computer. The computer keeps track of her oxygen saturation for 12 hours. When the 12 hours is up, the information is downloaded and read. If she stays above 95% saturation for over 90% of the time, she is likely to come home without needing oxygen!!! How great would that be?

This Maryam and me playing the kissing game. She's such a happy baby! And look at that face!! No tubes!!!

This is Daddy and Maryam after her last feeding. She took 50 mils (just over an ounce and a half) in under 5 minutes! That is a HUGE accomplishment for her. And we think she may have still been hungry because when the bottle was empty she started to cry! We gave her a passifier and it seemed to calm her down a bit. The syringe on Brett's gown is attached to her g-tube. Right now, the tube is staying open 24/7 until her stomach has had more time to heal. We don't want any unneccessary pressure in her stomach right now. There is talk of increasing her feedings again tomorrow. Once she's up to her normal amount of food the next test will be closing the tube off a half hour after she's finished feeding. The reason we need to keep the tube open for at least a half hour is because this is how air escapes if she needs to burp or throw up. The fundoplication keeps everything from coming back up, that includes now she burps out of a tube! Ya, in case you're wondering it is kind of weird!!!! :)
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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Maryham. Love those smiling faces!! Take Care. Anna

LisaLisa said...

Oh my gosh little one... You've come a long way. You are one beautiful little girl. I can't wait to see pictures of you back home.

Anonymous said...

She definately loves her Mom and Dad. It is so good to see her smile and be happy. It looks like a good turnaround. Hi to all my other cousins! Congrats! Love, Marietta & Ken

Anonymous said...

Oop! Sorry I just notice I spelled Maryam name wrong. Hi back to all my cousin. Hope all is well.Anna P.S. I'm just learning alittle bit about using the computer. I know I'm alittle slow!!! Take care

Anonymous said...

So good to see the fam on here! Way to go mom on learning the computer! Jennifer see what you've created! We are all anxious to come here & see Maryam's progress. It looks like she is just doing an amazing job! We are so happy for all you guys! Love those smiles! Take care!