Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to the hospital

This is the cake Brett made the nursery to say Thank You for taking care of our little baby. Isn't he talented? I think they're going to miss the cakes more than they miss Maryam!

Well, we had to take Maryam back to the hospital today. She was having a HORRIBLE day. She is typically a VERY happy baby and doesn't cry much at all, but over the past few days, she's been crying more and hasn't been as happy. She wouldn't eat at all today, she wouldn't even look at her bottle. So, when we called the nursery, they suggested we bring her in for observation. They decided it could be a couple of different things that could possibly be bothering her. So, we're going to tweak some stuff to see if it helps her out. We're going to give her one of her reflux meds to see if that eases any pain that might occur from prior damage caused by the reflux. And we're going to change the mixture of her formula from 24 cals per kilo to 22 cals per kilo. Its probably TOTALLY coinsedental, but she took 70 mils at her last feeding of the 22 cal formula. Only time will tell.
Let me just reiterate how great her nursery staff is! One of her docs, Dr. Bromberger called us at home from her home. How many doctors do you know who does that? I guess that's why they call her "The Saint!" Maryam is back home with us, THANK GOD, and we're going to keep working with her and tweaking everything until we can make her comfortable. I hope all of you are well!!!!
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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Glad to hear they are taking such good care of Maryam. Your doc sounds wonderful. Who wouldn't fall inlove with that beautiful little face. Brett's cake looks great! Take Care. Love Anna

Anonymous said...

Hi, I guess you just have to find the right formula for Maryam, so glad to hear she didn't have to stay in the hospital. I want some cake. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Hope you two are getting some rest, wish you were closer. Love, Marietta