Monday, August 17, 2009

Maryam goes to Dland with her BFF, AGAIN!

This is a picture of Ian getting in on "the hand holding situation" as he so eloquently put it.
Here is a photo of Anna and Maryam wearing their Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck matching BFF fuzzy Mickey ears.....priceless.
Why stand in line for Nemo twiddling your thumbs when you can dance to the Disney Channel music band playing in the distance? They danced to each song and clapped at the end....too cute.
This is when you know your mommy plays the Beatles and/or Paul McCartney in the car too much....when your two year old makes the peace sign. Go Anna!!!! She's so very California now.....Berkley here she comes!

Eating update. Maryam actually said tonight in the pool that she wanted to eat some crackers and pointed to her mouth. Daddy asked her to show Mommy where you want them. She turned to me, pointed to her mouth and then said, put them in my tummy. OMG! How amazing is that? Like I said in the last eating update, I THINK she's finally getting it!!!!!! HOORAY!!!

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knuts2knit said...

Oh my word!. . .those huge pink fuzzy ears are hysterical! Love the dancing pic! (((HUGS))) from Ohio! Ellen & Ally