Friday, July 17, 2009

Weight Gain!!!

Brett took Maryam in for a weight check today and she has gained 6 ounces in 3 weeks! Hooray! I know that sounds very minimal but its really not. That means that she's going in the right direction. She's been getting nightly pump feeds since her asthma attack. It seems that her lungs took a huge beating during that last bout because she still hasn't fully recovered from it in terms of drinking. Maryam is eating GREAT! She even makes requests for what she wants to eat. But we're back to having a very difficult time getting her to drink her formula. We've tried everything. New flavors, new cups, bribery and rewards. Nothing seems to be getting her to drink her formula.
We spoke to Maryam's doctor again about leaning on Kaiser to get her back in Occupation Feeding therapy. She put the referral through again and told us if we didn't hear anything in 2 weeks to call the outside referral office. Hopefully we can get Maryam back in to see Dawn ASAP. The CHOC clinic wasn't a cure all, but a VERY good step in the right direction with a solid concrete foundation to stand on.
We discovered that Maryam is NOT allergic to bee stings. She was stung a few days back while we were in the pool. Brett pulled the stinger out of her back and the only real noticeable mark was a red ring around where the stinger was. Maryam didn't cry. She whined some, but once we treated it, she didn't bring it up again ever. We didn't tell her she was stung by a bee because we don't want her to be afraid of them. We did tell her to be aware of them though!
I know I've gotten really lazy about updating Maryam's blog. Its not because I don't care, but that being pregnant is exhausting for me. I know that millions of women do it everyday and all I can guess is that some women are better at being pregnant than others.

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