Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching up!

The last time I updated the blog I was going on and on about a weight check appointment Maryam had where she gained weight! Hooray! Well, that Sunday she woke up barely able to breathe and had a temperature of 104 degrees. So, off to the ER we went at 6am. The ER doc insisted that she had pneumonia and bronchitis. I didn't think that was a proper diagnosis so I took her to see her pediatrician on Monday. It was an upper respiratory infection brought on by a virus. This virus was a doozy. It made her gums bleed, it gave her sores on her tongue, a rash on her torso and a fever. So, as you can imagine, getting her to eat was a REAL challenge.
Her eating has returned, but her drinking has taken a major hit. I have found it virtually impossible to get her to drink her formula. Its killing me. I've bought EVERY flavor of Pediasure on the market. Even the new Berry Cream! Sounds yummy, right? Not so much to Maryam.
She's still eating 3 meals a day and having 2 snacks. She has started requesting more and more foods and she is even starting to eat more solids. I'm not having to puree her foods as much. She has eaten a waffle in little bites, salami, chips, chicken nuggets, ravioli and tonight had meat loaf with her baby BFF Anna.
Kaiser FINALLY sent the occupational therapy request through for approval. Well, kind of. She was approved for another evaluation. I'm hoping that the evaluation gets pushed through fairly quickly so I can get her back in to see Dawn ASAP. I'd really like to get her to transition from purees and soups to more solids. Not to mention getting her to drink her formula again, that would be RAD.

In non Maryam related news, I'm 27w 1d pregnant with our little guy. It seems that since I passed the 25w 2d mark my blood pressure has gotten much better. My new long term goal is 30 weeks. Wish me luck!!!

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Palak said...

So sorry about how rough it's been lately, but thrilled and relieved to hear that your BP is behaving!
Can't believe she ate meat loaf!