Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sea World Bay of Play

Yet another sprinkler park. This one is at the Sea World Bay of Play. Maryam LOVES getting wet. I would have taken more pictures, but silly Mommy forgot to charge the battery. Ugh, I hate when I do that!
We had a great day! We spent the day with Maryam's cousins Trip, Paddy and Collin, and their neighbor friends Brooke and Jake. Later in the evening our friends Jennifer and Mike came along and watched Maryam dance the night away at the Shamu Rocks show. She could not get enough of the music.
After that we watched the fire works show and then started out 2.5 hour drive home. We didn't get home until after 1am. Maryam didn't go back to sleep until after 3am. The day was great, the night SUCKED! Ha!
Maryam ate really well while we were out. It was the second day of our calorie count that the CHOC feeding team asked us to do. She got in just above her required 1200 calories, so she didn't require a tube feeding that night. Actually, Maryam went a whole week without a tube feeding! From Sunday to Sunday she took in enough calories daily to not require a tube feeding! BUT Saturday night Maryam started getting an asthma flair up. By Monday she was so bad that we had to take her in for steroids. I think the difficulty breathing has made it significantly harder for her to eat or drink, so we started tube feeds again. For the record, I do not look at this as a set back at all. Anyone who has ever had a preemie knows that the roller coaster ride is a long one. It starts at birth and here we are nearly 3 years later and we're still not off! I just see it as it is. Maryam has made HUGE strides in her life, eating seems to be her last obstacle. We didn't think that Maryam would be completely off of her tube so soon. In fact, Brett and I have been talking about giving her tube feedings a couple times a week in addition to her oral feedings just to keep her weight up.
We're very proud of the fact that Maryam was able to go an entire week without a tube feeding! That's amazing in our eyes. She accomplished something that we didn't think she'd be able to accomplish for years to come. Unfortunately her respiratory condition sometimes gets nasty and it affects the rest of her health, eating included. There was a time when just trying to drink from a bottle made her turn blue and limp because she wouldn't get enough oxygen. So, honestly, this isn't a big surprise. Like I said, it is what it is!
She's doing much better with her breathing today. Steroids affect her quickly. Hopefully within a few days, she'll get back up to where she was last week and we can start weaning the tube more.

In non-Maryam news, the reason we were in San Diego was for me to go see my high risk doctor. Everything looks fine! I'm 22w 5d and my BP is under control as well as my heart burn. All the meds I'm on are working. So, regardless of what some people think and some really tasteless jokes about me being only 3 weeks away, there is no reason to believe I can't carry this one full term! Say your prayers!!!

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susanh929 said...

OMG!!!!!!!! Someone said that to you!!!??? Did they actually think it was funny???!!! I would've gone off on them right there, you probably did too :) I can't believe it! You have 17 more weeks and will make it all the way there!!!!

Palak said...

Are you kidding?! What idiot would say that?!
You're going full term this time...we're not giving your body or that baby any other options!
Maryam- Reva and I are so incredibly proud of you! You and your mommy are our hope and inspiration.