Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're home!!!!!!

The meeting yesterday was great! We found out that Maryam hit her goal! Hooray! She was admitted to the program 100% tube fed and came home only 35% tube fed! How amazing is that? Maryam's therapists are amazing. She had two SLP's and two OT's, all of which are amazing people. They were so very patient with her and loved her and she loved them! She hugged them when she saw them!!!!! They each had a unique way of dealing with and teaching her how to coordinate her swallow. I couldn't be happier. I have the utmost respect for them all.
The rest of the team was amazing too. It was pretty obvious that Maryam won them over from the beginning. I'm sure there were days where her therapists wanted to throw her through a wall, but they never showed it. I can't imagine how she couldn't possibly be their hardest patient. On our first day there Dr. Katz said that "today was the first day of the rest of Maryam's life" and he wasn't kidding. This program has forever changed her life and our life and we couldn't be more grateful. How do you say thank you and show appreciation for that kind of gift? I really don't know. I feel like the words "Thank You" simply aren't enough, but I guess its the first place to start.
IF any of you are reading this, THANK YOU. I hope you know how much you have touched our hearts and changed our lives. Because of all of you, we will never be the same. Because of you, our daughter eats. Because of you, we've been able to experience what its like for a parent to feed and nourish their child. I got to go food shopping for my daughter!!!!! Something most parents take for granted and probably don't even enjoy. Thank you. You will forever be in our hearts, prayers and thoughts. Thank you.

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The Shultzs said...

So glad for all the progress and that you are home!!! =)
Your words to the staff at CHOC were so sweet, they made me cry, so I can only imagine they will be touched when they read it. You are so good with words. =)