Saturday, May 30, 2009

Running the hall

Maryam was running back and forth down the hallway saying "naked baby!"
Such a cutie!
Maryam had a good eating day today. For breakfast she ate almost a whole container of Ensure pudding in only 20 minutes. Of course, she didn't drink a drop of Pediasure. She's killing me with her stubbornness and drinking. Its like the only thing she wants to drink is water, which of course has no freaking calories in it. At lunch she ate almost a whole hot dog or as Brett calls it, Hot dog Surprise! Its the high calorie puree hot dog recipe which calls for one hot dog and 1/4 cup of nacho cheese sauce. YUM. And for dinner she ate one red potato pureed with whole milk covered in brown gravy. Don't judge! At least she's eating!
Funny Maryam story, last night we were walking Grams and the rest of the family out to their car when I asked Maryam to point out the moon. She points to the moon then said, "oh no, moon broken." It was a half moon. Silly Maryam, she's so funny.

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