Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures of Day 2 at CHOC

Here are the bruises from the header Maryam took. They're hard to see, but the top bruise is in her hair line and the cut is where the arm from her glasses was. That's my punkin! Tonight she slipped and bruised her chin pretty good....GOOD TIMES.

Here is a picture of Maryam wearing her "pizzy party hat." Its made from a paper plate and decorated with crayons.
Here is Maryam after some pudding and whipped cream. The table she eats at is really cute. They gave her a Winnie and tigger placemat to eat on.

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susanh929 said...

Very cute pictures - and she is looking so grown up - especially in that first picture. So glad she is doing so well with this! Take care of yourself too!