Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CHOC Day 2

Wow! What a looooooooong day! Our day started at 7am with my alarm. Both Maryam and I were too tired to wake up on our own. Thank goodness for Beyonce and her "Single Ladies"!

Yesterday was our first full day at CHOC. And oh boy, were we busy!
7:00 wake-up
7:30 breakfast tray delivered
7:45 check out of the floor with the floor clerk then head down to therapy in the basement.
8:00 feeding therapy started
9:00 random mini-unofficial team meeting in the elevator up to our floor
9:45 snack delivered
10:00 snack in our room
10:30 Child Life Play Room (M's child life coordinator Peggy watched her for a bit while Mommy took a shower and ate lunch!
11:30 lunch tray delivered
11:45 check out of the floor with the floor clerk then head down to feeding therapy in the basement
noon feeding therapy started
1:00 Dr. Katz poked in to tell us that he put a hold on the med that the mini-unofficial team meeting decided was the reason for M's hair pulling
1:15 Jill and Jessica the nutritionists come in and ask us questions and give us information
1:20 M takes a nap
2:00 Lee the social worker came in to check up on us
2:40 woke up Maryam for her 3:00 feeding therapy snack
2:45 check out of the floor to go to feeding therapy in the basement
3:00 feeding therapy
4:00-6:00 FREE TIME which is code for "good luck keeping your kid occupied for the rest of the night!"
4:15 bundle up Maryam because she was freezing. She asked for socks and a coat!
4:30 customer service comes by to make sure we're comfortable. I asked them to lean on maintenance about our temperature. They agreed that our room is freezing.
5:00 Maryam decided she wanted to go to a park. When I told her there were none in walking distance, she replied "Oh, Ok, I know! Disneyland!" Although I applaud her efforts and agreed that Disneyland would be a great place to go, we compromised on a walk around the floor. Our walk lasted until 6pm!
6:00 dinner in our room
7:00 Mommy sits down to eat her dinner when Maryam decided to take a header off of the bed and bruise her temple and cut her face. GOOD TIMES.
7:03-7:25 steady stream of nurses and doctors checking Maryam's head and eyes
7:30 maintenace finally arrived to fix our temperature! HOORAY!
7:35 volunteers came around to make crafts. Maryam made a party had then decided she wanted to go to a "pizzy party." I have no idea where she got that idea from.
7:45 bathtime! Woohoo!
8:30 tried to get Maryam to sleep.
9:15 Maryam fell asleep
9:30 Mommy started the feeding pump
9:35 Mommy fell asleep without dinner


knuts2knit said...

wow .. I'm tired just reading about it. It seems like M is keeping her toddler sense of humor :) Bring on the puree'd pizza! uh. . . eewww LOL! Thinking about you guys a lot! I hope you stay awake long enough to eat tonight! Gotta feed that little bean! :) ((HUGS)) from Ohio
-Ellen & Ally

susanh929 said...

Love reading the updates - helps us all "be there with you" since we are thinking about you guys all the time anyway :) How cute - I'm with M - Disneyland for sure after the 3 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Lady! My thoughts and prayers are with you and M. Please take care of you along with M. Eat! Thanks for the updates, I know it's time consuming doing them for us all.