Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photos from the RMH

Here is Maryam playing out on our balcony.
Here is Maryam and Daddy with the clown. She didn't want to have anything to do with him. Daddy was able to get her to warm up to him a little bit though.
Here is Maryam on the sign out front. She is looking at Daddy because he just sat her up there and jetted. She actually said, "heeey" when he took off. It was funny.
Here is our view from our patio. If you look really closely in the distance you can see Choco the bear on the top of CHOC hospital. (just to the left of the first palm tree and down a bit.) To all of our non so cal friends, on Tuesday in OC it was 93 degrees! And yes, those palm trees are EVERYWHERE! Ha!

Day two of our appointments went well. Maryam's feeding session with Melina wasn't as good as it was the previous day, she was being super sensory. She couldn't stay seated, she was acting very anxious and pretty much just didn't want to be there. I actually had to step out of the room because she kept wanting to hug me and sit in my lap. I dismissed myself and the session went better after I did. Maryam managed to eat about 1/3 jar of fruit medley! Woohoo!
After the feeding session we had another meeting with the psychologist and social worker. They're bot REALLY nice. They had given us a bunch of information on what to expect the day before and wanted us to read through it and come back with questions. We only had a few questions because the information they gave us was very in depth. After talking to Cindy for about a half hour I have to admit I started to get anxious. She explained that this hospital stay isn't just about Maryam, but that its also about me as her primary feeder. She went over the rigorous schedule again and reiterated how important it will be to try to find time for myself to do simple things like eat and shower! Ha! She's also making arrangements to get me phone numbers of other parents who have gone through the program so I can call them and get a parent's point of view.
We were told that during the 3rd week of the program Maryam is allowed to have visitors but that they kind of discourage it. That often times family will come visit and the baby may want to go home with them, they can get distracted and taken out of the routine we'd worked so hard to create. So Brett and I decided that we were going to pass on having visitors. Luckily our family and friends know how long and hard we've been fighting this eating battle and will totally understand the need to keep Maryam focused. If we change our minds while we're there we'll be sure to let everyone know!
Tonight after Maryam goes to sleep (hopefully by 9:45) I'll hop back on here and go over out crazy schedule! Oh and share the leaps and bounds Maryam has already experienced with her new feeding plan.

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knuts2knit said...

Can YOU believe that it's going to be 83 here in Central Ohio today? LOL! Can't wait to hear more updates! ((HUGS)) from Ohio! Ellen & Ally