Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Health update

Mr. Bishop waiting for Maryam to drop some of her "blue cookie".
Yellow teeth from the cream of the cookie. It took her a minute to figure out that its the same type of cookie, it just has yellow cream instead of white.
Mr. Bishop checking to see if there is any residual cookie hanging off of her.
I KNOW, I've been a VERY bad blogger lately, my apologies. When I last updated the blog I wrote about Maryam's ear infection and her up coming Synagis shot. The GREAT news is that Maryam had her last Synagis shot! Hooray!!!! The bad news is, we had to take her back to the pediatrician's office yesterday because she had a fever again. Monday afternoon she was really hot, when I took her temp it was 103.3. Of course Monday night she didn't sleep and kept getting hotter and hotter. Through out the night I couldn't keep her fever below 102.7, it was awful. So, Tuesday morning we took her back in to see Dr. Mohan. Dr. Mohan thinks that Maryam should continue with more antibiotics. So, right now we're on her second round of antibiotics for the same ear infection. If this round doesn't work she's going to give Maryam antibiotic injections.
She doesn't want to give Maryam tubes yet because of Maryam's respiratory history. She fears that if something were to go wrong in the "simple procedure" that she'll need to be intubated. IF that were to happen her throat would still be soar for her trip to CHOC in May and probably wouldn't even be able to go. So, Brett and I decided to follow what Maryam's team of doctors suggest and wait on tubes until after May. Hopefully by then, with spring in full swing, she won't be getting any more ear infections!

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