Monday, April 13, 2009

Dying the Easter Eggs

We put all the dyes in clear cups so Maryam could tell us which color she wanted to use next. It worked out really well. She'd say red and we'd put the red cup in front of her and she'd drop the egg in.
Mommy was using tongs to pull the eggs out when Maryam decided to just reach in and pull the egg out herself. It was a HUGE step for her! Sensory wise, putting her hand into a wet colored substance usually causes her to gag, turn purple and retch. This time, it didn't!
She just placed the egg into the crate and continued dying her eggs.
All in all Maryam had a great time watching the eggs go in white and come out the color of her choice. After she dyed the eggs, she put stickers on them. Of course her favorite stickers to choose were balls, bikes and cars. There were flowers, butterflies, bunnies and eggs, but nope.
After the egg dying Maryam started feeling sick again. She got dark circles under her eyes, started coughing and just didn't want to do anything. We spent a good few hours holding her and trying to make her feel better. After a few hours, she was ready to go again.

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