Tuesday, March 3, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Yesterday we took Maryam and Charlie to the San Diego Zoo. We were only there for a few hours because Maryam had to get her Synagis shot in the afternoon. While we were at the zoo they spent the majority of their time in the Children's Zoo portion of the big zoo.

You can see that Maryam is not afraid of the animals. She petted the goats and sheep. Often times she'd walk up to the animal greet it with a hello and a wave, then proceed to pet it. In the above photo Maryam is waving to the goat when she noticed that it's eyes were closed. Then she started saying "Goat is seeping." Her complete sentences are getting more frequent! Hooray!

Here is Maryam waving to another goat. I think she wanted to climb in there with it, but thankfully she curbed that urge.

She did not curb the urge to climb on the big log in the middle of the petting zoo. But no one seemed to complain.
In the petting zoo there was a boy with pain on his face and Maryam walked up to him and pointed at his face and said, "oh no, boo boo face." His mother and I explained that it was paint and then she kept walking up to him and pointing and saying "paint face."
After the zoo we headed up to San Marcos for what we hoped would be Maryam's last Synagis shot of her life.....we're not so lucky. Southern California has decided to extend the RSV season through May. So, as a precaution, Maryam will have two more shots. Her next shot will be March 30 and her last (hopefully) will be April 27th. Her nurse Clavel said that she thinks that Maryam should be allowed to play with children, just to be careful that she isn't around sick children.
She was weighed as usual. Last month she had gained weight which was awesome news. However this month, she lost weight. She's back down to 25 pounds. We were very disappointed by that. We've been giving her the full 4 cans of Pediasure per day and she's been eating a bunch more food than she ever has. We can't figure out why she's still losing. Our ONLY theory is that she just burns off all of her extra calories. Maryam runs everywhere, she's constantly running or dancing. We're guessing that the constant movement is what is causing her weight loss.
At this rate, Maryam will be able to wear the same summer clothes this year as she did last year! The good news is we'll save money on clothes this year! AND maybe we'll even get her potty trained before we have to move up a diaper size. Who wants to spend the same amount of money and get fewer diapers? Not me! Just to be sure, I put her in the dress I bought for her to wear to Charlie's birthday party last year and it fit her just fine. (18 months Old Navy) But who's to say that after the CHOC clinic in May she won't be an eating machine? We can always dream, right?

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Anonymous said...

Michael will be 3 in less then 2 weeks. I don't think he even weighs 25lbs! He, like Maryam is always on the go! He's never lost anything, but our doc has always said childhood obesity starts at this age & he's long & lean & fine! Now Mark, on the other hand, was 27 lbs at 9 months! He wears a bigger size diaper then Michael!