Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Fear

Here is Maryam climbing the ladder thing. Of course she might not have tried it if Anna hadn't been on there before her saying "c'mon Maryam." So, of course, up goes Maryam. When she got towards the top I couldn't watch. I thought for sure that she was going through. But Christi was brave and stood there waiting to catch her. When Maryam got about 2 steps away from the top I ran up there and just grabbed her. I couldn't take it anymore.
Anna however is a climbing genius. She starts up and makes it without any of us having a heart attack.
Here is Maryam coming through a tunnel...
With Ian shortly behind her. I love running into friends at the park. Maryam had such a great time playing with her BFF. And the mommas had a great time picturing our future. "C'mon Maryam, you won't get in trouble." We can already hear Anna saying those dreaded words to Maryam. It will be just like when Christi and I were in High School. Uh oh world, watch out.

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