Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Woulda-Shoulda 2009

Today is Maryam's due date! 2 years ago today Maryam was due to be born, BUT, she came 14 weeks and 5 days early instead. Ha! I have NO idea how long Brett and I will recognize today, part of me thinks we'll always do it. There is just something special about it. Its hard to believe that a baby can survive being born nearly 15 weeks early. And recognizing it just seems to make sense. Everyone knows that she's our little miracle baby!!!

Below are photos from March 22, 2008. What a difference a year makes, huh?

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Katie said...

Happy adjusted birthday Maryam! Our daughter's gestation was very close. Lynize was born at 25w and 3d. Maryam looks beautiful!

knuts2knit said...

yes. . what a difference a year makes. .but I must say that I LOVE last year's dress! Too cute!
((HUGS)) from Ohio!
Ellen & Ally

Hot Mama Dawson said...

OMG Jenn...I always tear up when I read how she hung in there, she is such an incredible blessing. That pic of her on her birthday gets me everytime.