Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Synagis Shot

Here is Happy Maryam waiting to go in for her shot. A few minutes before these photos were taken, Maryam was very sad. She knew exactly where she was and didn't want to be there.

The nurse tried tricking Maryam by having a different nurse come out to get us. Maryam wasn't fooled. As soon as we started walking towards the doors to go back into the office, Maryam began to cry. The nurse gave her a stuffed up animal from Disneyland and that didn't help either. The good news is that she gained 9 ounces in 28 days! Hooray!!!!! At her December shot she was 26lbs, January she was 25lbs, on Monday she was 25lbs 9ozs! Hooray for weight gain!

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