Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yummm, Lasagna!

Here are a few pictures of Maryam tasting lasagna. I say "tasting" because she didn't swallow too much of it. She loves the taste though. She just puts it into her mouth then spits it out after she gets all the sauce out of it.
I stripped her down and put her in a bib, I didn't want to ruin the really pretty dress she had on.
She did good all in all. She used both the spoon and fork and put at least 10 bites into her mouth.
Tomorrow we'll be in San Diego for her Synagis shot. Our plan is to take her to the Wild Animal Park to butter her up a bit. Tuesday we have the consult with Audiology and ENT for tubes in her ears. Then Wednesday we have a GI appointment. Wish us luck! Oh and all three appointments are in different cities! Ha!

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