Thursday, January 22, 2009


Dirt baby Maryam playing in the yard with Mr. Bishop.

Maryam playing with one of her cars, I think she has more cars than dolls!
It seems that our insurance issues have finally been resolved....I think. Our memberships to KP were reinstated yesterday and Maryam's food and feeding supplies were automatically ordered immediately. Her supplies should be in by Monday! Hooray!!!! On a total side note, a fellow preemie mommy who also has a G-tube baby, after reading my last entry offered to mail me supplies if we needed them! How nice is that? Crazy nice, right? THANK YOU!!!! My friend Jen even offered to lend us her daughter's nebulizer!!! I'm telling you, we have RAD friends. Thanks Jen!!! Both sets of grandparents helped out with buying Maryam's food the past month. That was super nice and helped us out a ton. Thanks grandparents, you're all rad too!
So now we only have a few more issues to resolve. We have to manage to get all of Maryam's medical records before her appointment with the GI doc from CHOC by Monday! SO not going to happen. KP wanted to charge us $.10/page for Maryam's records, BUT if she were a member and it was for a medical reason they would be free. Now that we're members again I can get the records but it will take 10 to 12 days to get them. I guess I'll have to call our case worker for CHOC tomorrow and see how necessary the records are and if they are necessary, we'll have to push back the consult AGAIN. Bummer. In good news, the Riverside office and Fontana office said they could probably have them for us by the end of the week. Its the San Diego records that will take longer. They have to order the digital copies from her hospital stay. I guess when you're in the hospital for 154 days the record is probably pretty large, ha!
The second issue is having all of Maryam's medical supplies re-ordered by her doctor. In order for Apria to deliver Maryam's feeding pump, IV poles, nebulizer and oxygen they have to have a new doctor order. This is pretty frustrating. Part of me doesn't want to order anything but the nebulizer. But her Pulminologist wanted us to keep O2 in the house through winter, "just in case". And Maryam hasn't needed the pump since last February because we've been able to bolus feed her. MAYBE I'll wait on the O2 and feeding pump and only have the doctor order them IF Maryam needs them again. I do kind of like having a medical equipment free house!!!
Maryam did really well eating today. She ate an entire container of Cheerios and drank over 10 ounces of water. Yesterday she drank 15 ounces of water, that was down right amazing! She also ate 4 whole spoons full of Cool Whip.....I mean ice cream. And she had several bites of burrito for lunch and one or two bites of pasta at dinner. I love that she is asking for "a bite" and telling me that she's "thusty". It tells me that she's coming along with her eating and drinking.
In stupid Mommy news, I actually attempted to start potty training her. I really don't think she's ready at all. However, she did manage to go pee pee in the potty yesterday on her first try. But the rest of the day she just sort of peed all over the house. I must have mopped my floors 5 or 6 times yesterday. Today was even worse!!!! She didn't go in the potty once. She kept telling me she wanted her potty, but then when she'd sit on it she'd just laugh and ask to play patty cake or "toucha nose" (if you're happy and you know it, touch your nose) or count or sing the abc's. Talk about frustrating. But, tomorrow is a new day. Maybe day 3 will be the miracle day!!!! Wish us luck!

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