Friday, January 9, 2009

We FINALLY did it

We moved Maryam's bed into her room on Wednesday. She LOVED it! She climbed right in and asked for me to put her comforter on her. I explained that its called "being tucked in" and she continued to say "tuck it".
She explored the whole bed. She sat in it, laid down in it, put her head at both ends of it, played under the blanket and on top of the blanket. Now whenever I take her in to change her diaper she climbs into her bed to lay down for a few seconds.
We decided to convert it to a toddler bed because Maryam has a very soft voice from her paralysed vocal cord and we were worried that if she woke up in the night and cried, we wouldn't hear her. Yes, we're still using the video monitor, but we didn't want to miss it if she did cry. Now, if she wakes up and gets scared or needs us, she can come down the hall to find us. We baby gated off the rest of the house so that she only has access to our room and hers.
I'll take a picture later of her entire room. Now that we have it all back together its SO cute!

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