Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Washing the car

This was Maryam yelling "WHAT?"
Sensory baby? Uh, yeah! Look at her face...she is appalled by the bubbles on her hand. More brushing and joint compression please.
This was funny. Maryam would back into the water and get wet, then run down the drive way, turn around and yell "ya got me!"

These photos were taken last weekend while it was 75 degrees and sunny outside! Beautiful day for washing the car with Daddy. Today I don't think it got out of the 40's. Did that stop Maryam from wanting to go outside to play? Nope. We froze our hinys off all morning running around out back.

Apria delivered Maryam's O2 today. It sure was nice being free of medical equipment for a few weeks. BUT, her pulminologist wanted us to keep the O2 in the house until the end of RSV season, so we will. We don't have the abundant supply that we used to have, but I don't anticipate her needing it. We used to have 14 tanks and 3 regulators in the house and 2 tanks with 1 regulator in the car. Now we only have 6 tanks and 2 regulators in the house and the same 2 tanks and 1 regulator in the car. They delivered the nebulizer on Saturday, which was a nice surprise.
I'll post photos from this morning later, if I get a chance.

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