Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Maryam eating Spicy Tomato Spaghetti at BJ's.

FUNNY story. After the park, we all went to dinner at BJ's. Sarah ordered a children's plate for Charlie because she eats! B and I did not order a plate for Maryam because she does not eat. We swear that the people at the next table must have thought that Maryam was the unloved child because the only food she got was the food off of our plates! It wasn't until Auntie Sarah pushed her plate away that Maryam really dug in. Sarah yelled for me to take the pasta away from Maryam because of how spicy it was but Maryam just kept eating it. I took a bite and needed water or Coke immediately, Maryam however, was fine! The weird thing is I love spicy food! The hotter, the better. But this spaghetti was hot and Maryam loved it!!!!
And in other great news, Maryam has started proclaming her thirst!!! She actually says, "Mommy cup peace, thusty"! HOORAY!!!! AND every morning she is asking for food! She is even starting to ask for specific foods. And same with lunch and dinner! She is requesting foods and asking for "num nums". This is great news because it means that she is starting to except that she is supposed to eat. She knows to feed her dolls and stuffed animals, and Mommy and Daddy and Mr. Bishop too!
But then she'll do something like taking her play syringe from her doctor kit that she got for Christmas and putting the syringe to Mr. Bishop's tummy and saying "num num eat Bichop". She kills me.

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knuts2knit said...

Wow Jen. .that is so awesome. .it's really starting to click for her! Funny about how spicy it was though! Go M! :)
Poor Mr. Bishop. . He must be wondering what the heck is going on! LOL! What a good dog he is. :)
((HUGS)) from chilly Ohio - Ellen