Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So Sunday we had a family gathering for Maryam's birthday. Unfortunately because of her still being "medically fragile" the whole family couldn't attend. Well, I told her that she was having a party and asked her to help me pick out which dress she would wear. She pulled out camo pants and a brown shirt...my little dirt baby.

I figured I'd appease her for a few hours. During that time she played mostly with this little PINK toy gun and a car. So much for having a girly girl! Not that I care, I think its great!
As you can see, she's not afraid of getting dirty!
Once I have all the photos from the party uploaded, I'll be sure to post them to the blog.
After the party Maryam started running a fever. She didn't sleep at all Sunday night. Monday morning we took her back to the doctor's office and found out that she has yet another ear infection. Because she's been on 3 different antibiotics already in the past 5 weeks her doctor decided on an antibiotic injection. She got her first dose yesterday, her second dose today and she'll get the third tomorrow. On top of all that, we had to go to San Diego for her third monthly dose of Synagis. Needless to say that by the end of the day none of us were happy. Maryam's doctor also referred her to an ENT for having tubes placed. I'm not too happy about that though. She is just now starting to progress in her swallowing, having a tube placed down her throat is the last thing she needs at this point. I'm afraid it will make her take a step backward, right now we need leaps and bounds forward. We'll see though, MAYBE she won't need that much sedation, but her doc said that my hopes are not likely. Dang it.
In another note, the shots are very painful, BUT they appear to be working. Maryam hasn't had a fever since she got the first injection and she slept all night last night. Hooray! Wish us luck, tomorrow we have an OT appointment and her third and final antibiotic injection.

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The Shultzs said...

She looks so precious in camo!!! :)
I think she is precious in dresses too, but just something about the camo. :-)