Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maryam decorates the tree

We decided to let Maryam help us decorate the tree. We thought, this should be fun. And she had fun! For every ornament I'd put on the tree, she'd take off two. Then she'd help me put an ornament on in the place where she chose, and would still take it off! She just couldn't make up her mind.
I finally gave up and started at the top. By the time I got to the bottom, she had all the ornaments on there that she wanted and had moved on to playing with ribbon, pipe cleaners and empty boxes.
At one point Maryam decided to turn the ornaments into noise makers. She banged two together as hard as she could and would laugh at the loud sound they made. Thank goodness Disneyland makes some pretty indestructible ornaments! And of course I only let her do this to my ornaments. Auntie Brande's are safely towards the top.
In this picture Maryam is "hiding" the ornaments under the tree. She really seemed to like the pink heart shaped Disney Princess ornaments. That surprises me because usually she's not into the princesses. Maybe its because they were the only ones I'd actually let her play with. But she did call every single one of them "Rella".

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