Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swallowing again!!!!!

Here is Maryam in her favorite dress-up outfit! Her apron and chef's hat....isn't she adorable?
You can't see her in the photo, but Maryam was pointing at Great Grams.

In this photo I was showing how little "Chatos" are on Maryam's shirt and at this point she was already on to her fourth "Chato"!!!! She started asking for food again and better yet, swallowing what she asks for! Of course she's not swallowing a bunch or anything, but she swallowed enough Oreo today for me to see lots of yucky brown stuff come up her tube tonight! AND she had Cheetos coming up her tube ALL day! Hooray!!! I'm so happy!!! Now, if only I could get her to go to sleep! Its 11:30 pm and she's still awake...the crazy part is she was up at 5:00 this morning! Doesn't she need more sleep than that? I do!
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Christi said...

Anna is still asleep too! I can't wait until May when they can wear each other out EARLIER!

Dawnnie said...

Hooray for swallows!!! Keep up the good work! Any word from CHOC? Oreos are yummy! And they are sweet...I can't believe she wanted to eat them! Hooray!