Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At the park

Here is a photo of Mommy and Maryam climbing the stairs to the tallest slide in the park. She's so brave! Below you can see her walk out right on the slide and start going down before I even got a chance to sit! That was so scary for a mommy! She, of course, thought it was hysterical! Thankfully Daddy was at the bottom and caught her before her little body shot off the end of the slide and fell onto her hiny (She's done that before).

These two pictures were taken by Daddy from the top of the tower while Maryam was at the bottom and started up the ladder. She is nowhere near coordinated enough to to climb this ladder by herself and Mommy is no where near coordinated enough to climb it while holding her. When I got nearer to the top Daddy had to come out and rescue us both. At the very least, she has NO idea she is not ready for this ladder so she wasn't scared. Later she found a shorter ladder and wanted to climb it as well, I tried to tell her that she's not big enough yet to climb it and her response was simply, "I big".
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