Saturday, October 4, 2008


OK, so the honeymoon is over for the glasses, or as Maryam calls them, goggles. There is already a HUGE scratch on the right lens and if I turn away for too long she takes them off. The good thing is 3 out of the 4 times that she took them off last night, she brought them to me. This morning I saw her standing in front of the TV watching The Micky Mouse Club House holding the glasses on her face. She took them off and then tried to put them back on, but instead of putting the arms over her hears she was holding them out off of her head. So, my newest guess is, she knows they help her, but she finds them uncomfortable. Dang it!
I know the above photo isn't the most flattering of Maryam pictures BUT there is a reason I posted it. You can see the cheese powder on her fingers, face and shirt. The part that is news is that she had been eating Cheese Puffs for a half hour before I took this picture! What's the big deal you ask? How about the fact that there is definitely NOT a half hour of Cheese Puffs on her shirt! She swallowed almost all of them! She swallowed so much of them that Mr. Bishop stopped following her around! She swallowed so many of them that I didn't have to use half a bottle of Spray in Wash with Resolve Power to ensure that her outfit isn't permanently ruined! She swallowed so many of them that she actually got full almost half way through her tube feeding!!!!!!!!!
Is that not the best news you've heard in a long time or what? Now just pray that it wasn't a fluke and she'll continue to swallow more Cheese Puffs and other foods too.
Yesterday at OT she swallowed some Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup broth, some Slim Jim stick and of course Cheese Puffs. I'm just thankful that it seems she's starting to get it. I've been told for over a year now that one day it will just click. Hopefully that day is drawing near. Also at OT she called her therapist by name! It was so cute! And since her therapist Dawn is only 4 short weeks away from delivering a baby of her own she's emotional and it almost had her in tears. So sweet.
I had to post this picture because this is what her hair looked like when she got out of the bath. I thought it was hysterical. Of course I didn't notice that she was playing with the wires for her CD player and wipes warmer until after I had taken the picture. I guess I could have Photoshopped them out for the blog, but I didn't feel like putting that much effort into it. IF I scrapbook it, I'll take the wires out!
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Christi said...

Hooray! We have some birthday cake with her name on it for this afternoon :)

sharon said...

Granny will give you some biscuits and gravey and we will watch you eat them up. Lets make a date for that. You will eat everything Mommy and Daddy offer you. I know this cause all my prayers are answered. By the way love the glasses. You are ADORABLE.
Love you Sweetie
Granny Sharon