Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maryam at the park with Mommy

You would think that after running around in the sun for 3 hours that she would have exhausted all of her energy, nope! When we got home from San Diego I took her to the park to run out a little more. Unfortunately the lights weren't on so we had to leave before the sun went down.
Here is a picture of Maryam and Mommy before going down the big slide together.
Here is Maryam on the swing. I'm so glad that she started liking the swings. She still doesn't have strong enough muscles in her shoulders to pull herself up on many of the climbing equipment, so the swings and slides are nice alternatives.
Maryam did not want to eat dinner tonight. She threw every piece of food that I put on her tray. Finally she calmed down and just hugged on a pumpkin guy until her dinner was done. I think she just finally ran out of energy. You can see that she looks a little tired in this photo.
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