Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here is Maryam's newest bath time toy. We bought these for her ages ago, but just gave them to her last night. Well, she loved them! She kept saying "colors."
I decided to give them to her last night because I think she knows some of her colors but doesn't know it. Does that make sense? I take Maryam to the park every morning (at a normal hour, not a ridiculously early hour like some wonderful mommies that I know...hint, hint Leanne) and two days in a row she's stood above the slide waiting to get situated to go down, pointed at the pole next to her and said, "yellow." The best part is the pole is yellow! But when I later pointed to yellow items like a towel and said, "what color is this?" She responded with "towel."
So I'm hoping that giving her one color for a few days in a row will prompt her to learn that this color is blue! We'll see. She knows that the little doggy on Blue's Clues is Blue....but again I don't think she knows that her color is blue too.
Oh and the duck on the spout, I tried that too! I pointed at her and asked, "what color is this?" She said "gak gak." Which is Maryam's attempt at "quak quak."

We had to replace Maryam's button today. It fell out during her afternoon nap. I don't know why, but even after a year of having to put her button in and take it out, I still freak out a little. I'm always so worried that its been out too long and she'll require surgery to have it put back in. We were told it could take as little as 2 hours for her hole to close and she barely slept 2 hours so there really was no risk of it closing. But for some reason every time a button falls out images of ventilators, doctors and hospitals race through my brain.
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Emily said...

I freak out about the button too. We've only had ours come out when in the hospital and once it was out for 6hrs before anyone noticed. I absolutely freaked thinking the hole would be closed but it went in just as easy as can be. They said that once the stoma is established after a few months it takes many hours before it will start to close and often times it has to be closed completely surgically. That made me feel so much better.

susanh929 said...

Bathtime crayons/markers is on my list for McKenzie's birthday/Christmas! Glad Maryam is enjoying them. Good idea to only give one for a while so she can learn one color at a time :)