Sunday, October 5, 2008

Anna's Bday Party

Maryam wore a party hat almost all night. And she ate Cheese Puffs almost all night. There was a bag of Cheese Puffs and a bowl of Cheese Puffs, she wasn't picky. The good news is, she actually swallowed most of them! I even have witnesses now! Those witnesses please come forward and comment so that I don't think I'm going insane! Thanks!
Anna Banana the birthday girl! Look how cute she is in her stolen colors. EVERYONE knows that pink and brown are the official colors of the baby....apparently Christi thought I meant ANY baby. Just kidding. Anna looks adorable in pink and brown, so its OK.
The polka dot twins. Different shades of pink with brown dots. Too cute. Like I said, Maryam wore her party hat almost all night. She doesn't seem to mind hats.
Oh yeah, Maryam also ate at least 3 beans tonight! Hooray for learning to swallow!
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Christi said...

I saw cheese puffs disappear! With my own eyes! Hooray Maryam :)