Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Story Time

You can see that the girls just LOVE Brett! Unfortunately Brett still isn't feeling well. But that doesn't stop the girls from hanging all over him. And since he's not feeling well, he's laying down a lot...that just makes it easier for them to crawl all over him.
This series of pictures is funny for a few reasons. We had to take the chair and put it away when Anna is here otherwise she kicks Maryam out of it, pushes Maryam out of it, picks it up and dumps Maryam out of it or uses any means possible to get Maryam out of it, so that she can sit in it herself.
I put the chair in a corner of the computer room. As you can see, Maryam found it. But as you can also see, she's not sitting in it. I think she learned that if Anna is here she's going to get kicked out, so why bother?
The other reason these pictures are funny is Maryam's expressions in each of them. This particular book is one of her favorites. It has big foam pages and pieces of the page come out and reveal another picture. She LOVES it.
Maryam drank orange juice today! Hooray! AND she swallowed Campbell's Spaghetti O's sauce and Chef Boyardee Ravioli sauce! I only know she swallowed them because when I attached her tube the sauce came up the tube with some of the air trying to escape her stomach. I was never so happy to see something so yucky!
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