Friday, August 15, 2008

Monkeying around at the San Diego Zoo

We went to the San Diego Zoo yesterday with Yaya, Auntie Sarah and Charlie Mae. We had a GREAT time! The girls had fun playing around on the brass Ape statues, walking around the petting zoo and looking at the different animals. The following photos are of Maryam playing on the statues....she LOVES these guys!

Here is Maryam sitting with the BIG ape. This statue is HUGE! I think its probably about the same size as a full grown Gorilla.

This Gorilla is more Maryam's size. She liked this guy a lot. This is the first time we took Maryam to the zoo without her oxygen. That was a GREAT feeling! The zoo is full of children and children was nice for Maryam to not have to be stared at.

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Christi said...

They're staring because she's super-cute ;)