Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Maryam's two favorite rides

Maryam's favorite ride, or at least what I think is Maryam's favorite ride is Nemo's Submarine Voyage. She LOVES it. She looks out her port hole then the port hole to the right and left, she points and oohs and awes and bounces and laughs. Its a wonderful thing to see and experience.
And for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to go on Nemo yet, its AMAZING. The technology is wonderful. Its definitely nothing like the submarine ride of yester-year!
And Maryam's second favorite ride at Disneyland is The Jungle Cruise. She LOVES it! She bounces and points and giggles. She can't get enough of the animals!
One thing is for sure, Disneyland without oxygen is WAY more fun that Disneyland with oxygen!!!! We took our old neighbor Jenni with us, who hadn't been to Disneyland since she was 2 years old. We got to experience all the wonderful parts of the park and she even got to experience a ride breaking down! I haven't had that happen to me at Dland since I was in 8th grade. (We don't need to get into how many years ago that was exactly.)
I took over 100 photos from our 12 hour day at the park, I'll post a few more in a bit. Right now, I have to put Maryam to sleep.
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