Thursday, August 7, 2008

Halloween in August?

Sherrlyn and I went to Michaels yesterday to pick up some supplies for a project she's working on when I noticed all the Halloween stuff out. 3 months before Halloween! We still have most of August, all of September and all of October! CRAZY! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I decorate on October 1 every year! I just think its so weird how the retail world is bring holiday stuff out earlier and earlier every year! At this rate, Maryam will actually be able to see Christmas decorations before her quarantine starts!
Well, since it was all out for us to play with, I thought I'd let Maryam try on a few different head bands. Above we have our little angel looking like a devil. Even as something evil, she's still adorable.
And here she is with a witch hat on.
I have a funny story from today. Maryam and I were heading out to run some erands around town. I had her hair combed, her shoes on, she was all dressed, the diaper bag was filled and ready to go. All of this makes Mr. Bishop really nervous. He hates being left home alone. I was going to take him, but he didn't know that yet! When I opened the door for us all to leave her ran over Maryam and knocked her down and knocked one of her shoes off. I picked her up and sat her on the couch to put her shoe back on when she pointed at Bishop, made a seriously mean face and said, "BAAAD" while shaking her finger at him! It was hysterical!!!
Another one...yesterday while I was chatting online, Maryam walked up to me with a leaf, a piece of lint and a hair in her hand. She handed it all to me and said, "Caca." She's talking a lot better and saying the most RANDOM things in the whole wide world!
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