Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Feeling better

Hooray! Maryam is feeling better! I actually got to sleep last night! Maryam slept 12 hours from 8:30pm to 8:30am...SUPER RAD! We went over to Momom and Popop's house yesterday afternoon after a CRAZY trip to the Post Office. By crazy I mean, she acted like she had never been out in public before, never had seen people before and just plain went nuts. There was a giant poster of a man holding a globe, she kept pointing and yelling "BALL!" Then all the pictures on the walls were "A BOOK!!!!" Sure, they're square, they have a picture on them...they must be books! My goodness. Then the poor lady behind us a few people back had a stack of letters that too equalled, "A BOOK!"
Bathtime is fun time! Maryam went on multiple walks around Momom and Popop's house yesterday. And since she still falls down a lot, and we live in the desert, she brought lots of sand home with her! I actually had to rinse sand down the drain after her bath! Its been super humid here because of the monsoon season, so sand and dirt just sticks to her little sweaty body.
Happy Wednesday! This is what a well rested Maryam looks like. Happy, happy, happy! Good morning punkin!
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1 comment:

sharon said...

Maryam you are just a doll baby.
So glad you're felling better.
You look like you've grown a foot since I saw you last.
Granny Sharon loves you