Saturday, August 2, 2008

Character shots

So, we're standing in line for the kids to get their photos taken with Cookie Monster when Maryam realizes what we're in line for! She takes off on a rampage! She ran out of line and up to the stairs to try to get to Cookie Monster. I though the stairs would stop her since she hasn't mastered them yet, or even tried them yet for that matter, but NOPE! She got down on her hands and knees and tried her very best to get to Cookie Monster. I caught up to her just in time to stop her. Fortunitely Auntie Brande stayed in line with Collin and we were still able to get her photo taken with him before he took his break. Above is Charlie Mae and Maryam. Below is Collin and Maryam.

Here is Maryam with Zoey. That is a green screen, they're supposed to appear to be on Sesame Street, but the photographer's camera broke! Oh well. We did get a great one with Elmo, but I'll have to scan it later.
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