Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another doctor visit

Maryam has had a fever since Friday afternoon. The soonest the doctor could see her was yesterday at 12:30. We gave her Tylenol and Motrin all weekend to keep her fever down. Honestly I wasn't too worried;I thought she was just having more molar trouble. The highest we saw her fever was 101.6, which is low grade for her. She responded well to both meds all weekend and stayed in good spirits until it got close to her next dose. Her doctor says it was just a case of the stomach flu and if she isn't better in 3 days to bring her back. We're on day 1, not any better....bummer.
The above photo is Maryam waving at Mommy while Mommy checks her in for her appointment. See, she looks happy and healthy. If only the thermometer would collaborate!
Here are some photos of Maryam during her exam. She's such a silly baby, she LOVES the paper on the table. Now that she can stand and walk, she likes dancing on the the paper.
Some stats: Weight: 24lbs 7ozs. (45%) Height: 32" (55%) Head Circumference: 18" (10%)

Here is a photo of Maryam telling us its time to go! She pointed at the door and said, I ont dat. Which we are pretty sure means, I want that.
Kaiser is doing this new thing where you get an email after each doctor visit going over the details of said visit. I decided to go look at some of Maryam's other doctor visits over the past 14+ months that she's been home with us and noticed something staggering. Maryam has been to see a doctor 53 times since she's been home from the NICU. 53! Now I know it could be MUCH worse, I'm really not complaining, I was just amazed by that number. I had no idea she's been so many times.
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