Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Toys and new developments

Auntie Brande and Uncle JJ gave this rocking elephant to Maryam. Maryam obviously enjoys it tremendously! Her legs are still a little too short for it, but we help her rock when she tries first.

This ride-on Eyore was a gift from Brett and I to Trip and Paddy back in 2002! Its been recycled in GREAT condition to our little Maryam. She's big enough for this one, but she doesn't quite get it yet. However, she's only been walking independently for a week, so I'm not going to rush her.
She goes backwards just fine, but like her PT said, backward is easy, its going forward that really makes her work.

So, I have developmental news about our little Maryam. Maryam's EI teacher did a developmental assessment on our little punkin and we have some good news!
Chronological age: 19.25 months
Adjuted age: 15.5 months

Fine Motor: 12-15 months
Cognitive: 12-15 months
Language: 16-19 months
Social: 20-23 months
Gross Motor: 12-15 months

HOORAY! This is WONDERFUL news! I know it looks like Maryam is still really behind, but she's not! At her last assessment Maryam was still very much behind in her adjusted age, but now she's mostly caught up to her adjusted age and is even caught up to her actual age in some areas too! And as you can see, she's even advanced of her actual age in the social area....go figure. The biggest surprise for me was the language area. We were always told that Maryam would be grossly behind in language because she is 100% tube fed. But as of now, she's spot on. Hopefully we can keep her that way.

Now for the move. We're all moved in to our new place...we still have to put TONS of stuff away and decorating seems to have taken a back seat to organization. But I'm sufficiently happy with our progress. My plan is to go room to room, one at a time. Maryam's bathroom is almost done, I just have to do a little painting. Our bathroom is almost finished, I just have to hang a few pictures. Maryam's play room (can't call it a bedroom, she still sleeps in our room) will be next. I'll post photos when I'm all done decorating.

I'll add more photos of Daddy and Maryam doing their thing.
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