Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 90th Birthday Grams

So, what does 90 years get you? Well, it got Mary Andonian 4 children, 8 grandchildren which turned into 12 grandchildren who eventually gave her 2 great grandchildren. Not to mention too many nieces and nephews to mention. And more cousins then she could possibly know what to do with. All that adds up to 90 years of living and one super fantastic family. Happy Birthday Grams, WE LOVE YOU!
Top row from the left: Justin, Lynn, Tom, Brian, Martin, Scott, Eric, Richard, Brett
Bottom row from the left: Kathy, Karen, Melinda, GRAMS, Janice, Sarah, Charlie, Amanda, Susie, David, Maryam and Jennifer (Michael couldn't make it home from Hawaii)
Thanks for taking the photo Katie, GREAT IDEA!
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knuts2knit said...

So what did she think of your present?? :)
Let us know when you're all moved in and get get back to blogland and your online scrappin' friends!
YAY Maryam!
Ellen (from the Preemie Scrapbooking Group)