Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friday, Charlie's 1st Birthday

Yep! Its been a whole year since Maryam's cousin Charlie was born. Pretty crazy! Brett and I packed up and headed to Elsinore for the weekend. Brett had 41 cupcakes to bake and decorate before Charlie's birthday party on Sunday. We took the girls out for a birthday lunch then took Brett home to get started on those cupcakes!

The cupcake pans that Auntie Sarah bought only baked 4 cakes per pan and we only had two pans. They were HUGE cupcakes that actually baked in two pieces! And, he even baked some purple butterfly sugar cookies too! Oh and each cupcake was different and each butterfly was different as well.

The girls spent the day playing in the yard. Maryam is still unsteady on uneven ground, but it was fun watching her try. Of course, she got frustrated at some times, but she managed.

Friday night we went out to dinner for Charlie's birthday. It was so much fun! Both girls behaved wonderfully and they had a fun time too. Before we went into the restaurant Uncle Scott and I took the girls for a walk to a big water fountain in front of the theater. (we were at Temecula Mall) Uncle Scott said, wouldn't it be funny if Maryam ran into the fountain, no sooner did she fall on her butt and get all wet. Then, the damage was done! She stood up and walked right into the water! She did it about 3 or 4 times! She didn't get too wet, but she looked like she had a great time!

Charlie actually looked like she was trying to read the menu at one point and Maryam wanted every present that Charlie opened.

Maryam tried mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce and LOVED it! Of course she still wouldn't swallow it, but she sure wanted more and more. She also liked Daddy's chicken tenders...if only she'd swallow it! She likes so many different foods now I just wish we could teach her how to swallow those foods.

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