Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Bloggerversary

So, this past Monday marked one year of Maryam's blog. To think, it all started with another surgery and continued because of all of you.
Maryam's story isn't a unique one, its a pretty typical story of a baby born 15 weeks too early. Many of you LOVE her story and I feel that Maryam has a story because of family and friends, like you reading this, that prayed, hoped and wished for her. I didn't know what type of parent I was going to be when I first got pregnant, and nothing can prepare you for parenting a micropreemie. They're all a little bit different, just like any baby, they all have challenges, like any baby...but nothing prepares you for it. I still have no idea how we managed to not totally freak out by the idea of having a 1lb. 10oz. baby laying in a box, on total life support, and wondering everyday if she was going to make it.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of Maryam's G-tube placement and Fundoplication surgery. I have NO idea why that makes me so emotional, but it does. A year ago today, I was torn by the idea of "failure to thrive" vs. changing her entire anatomy for the rest of her life. I think one of the reasons this is so emotional for me, is I'm still not totally convinced it was the right thing to do at the right time. But that's neither here nor there at this point.
The good news is, Maryam's a VERY happy, VERY healthy, well ajusted 19 month old girl. She loves everyone and everything. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her falls in love with her immediately. She's a very special girl who we couldn't love any more if we tried.
Thank you to all of our readers out there. Thank you for leaving all those wonderful comments. Thank you for emailing or calling us to check on Maryam when I don't find the time to update the blog. And thank you for appreciating the time and effort it takes to actually maintain this blog. I pour my heart and soul into this blog and its wonderful to know that people both read and appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

That brings tears to my eyes! Thanks for including us on Maryam's life! And yours too! Can't wait to see the new house pics! Have fun unpacking! I bet your parents miss you guys.

Judith and Jason said...

Maryam is kicking micro preemie butt!
I love to read about her happenings b/c Nina is only a few months younger! Thanks for letting us into your world!